Als Sensenmann ist Mr. Grimm den ganzen Tag damit beschäftigt den Menschen das Leben zu nehmen. Doch eines Tages klingelt es an seiner Tür und ein kleines Mädchen steht vor ihm. Sie sucht ihre Katze, doch was sie nicht weiß, sie ist eigentlich sein nächstes Opfer…

Regie: Cynthia Collins, Kyra Buschor
Filmmusik: Maryna Aksenov
Sounddesign: Namralata Strack
Animation: Ferdinand Engländer, Linus Stetter, Julia Reck,
Conrad Tambour, Ogi Schneider
Producer: Christian Cramer-Clausbruch, Philipp Wolf
Sprecher: Anselm Roser, Katharina Dietschmann
Produktion: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Nguồn: https://ecodccu.org/

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  1. When reaper has advanced equipment than manual.

    Angels: you do your job in manual. The protaglory is full now.

    Reaper: OK sorry.

  2. Old man: killed a kitten
    Girl: have you seen my kitten?
    Old Man: No
    * Girl came into the house *
    * Old man wants to kill a girl *
    * The girl saw the table and plays with it *
    * Girl saw a kitten *
    * The girl was upset and took the braid and found the old man’s rope and prepared to cut the thread*
    I will continue to add to the list.

  3. Wtttffff Took me few replays and reading the comments to actually realized he didn’t kill her. Fuck I’m high and but atm it was sad.

  4. Took me few replays and reading the comments to actually realized he didn’t kill her. Fuck I’m high and but atm it was sad.

  5. Ha! The 9 lives of the cat..:) & was a really good take on the reaper & strings of our life & where about's on the string along are you. At what age ya string gets cut, ya umbilical cord to life as we know it.

  6. Does anyone notice that there are 9 photos of the cat ? Representing 9 lives ? A cool detail. The cat just transcended into its 2nd life, not exactly resurrected.

  7. kid plays with remote control
    grim reaper kills innocent people s me: ah… Guys… Plz stop…. grim cuts my life line me: my last words* f… U.,

  8. For those that don't understand this, he's the grim reaper/death. The machine pulls the photo when their time is up. He grabs their string of life and cuts it. The machine then verifies the death by a mark kn the photo.
    The little girl lost her cat and is unaware the cat has died. She becomes distracted by the devices and runs inside to play with them. She then realizes that he's killed her cat, reverses the machine to give her cat life again.
    The string needs cut for someone to die. The machine needs an unmarked photo to recognize life.
    No one died at the hands of the child. She only brought life back to her cat. The remote only moves the curtains of strings. It doesn't cut them.

  9. Google Translate: "
    As a Grim Reaper, Mr. Grimm is busy all day killing people. But one day the doorbell rings and a little girl stands in front of him. She's looking for her cat, but what she doesn't know is actually his next victim …"


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