We went to a Magical Town, HOI AN, VIETNAM│ My Travel Journal

We went to a Magical Town, HOI AN, VIETNAM│ My Travel Journal

Visiting Vietnam was an incredible experience, we went to so many places and so many UNESCO heritages. Hoi An is a place that impressed us the most.

Then we came to Danang, and everybody mentioned HOI AN, I don’t know how We missed it from our research but here We are on our way to Hoi An.

We arrived and we were impressed, is such a Magical Town, so beautiful, not just the town but the food, Oh my gosh.

We found that most of the vegetables fron this town come from a little village like 5 to 10 minutes away, a community of 50 families and off course we Went there.

From Hoi An take a taxi to the TRA QUE Vegetable Village, you will not regret, is free of charge but they have a lot of activities that you can do like: farming, tours inside the village, cooking classes, etc etc and they go from $23 to $28 dollars, not bad because that includes food and more things.

HOI AN is a town that you have to visit if you come to Vietnam and stay for more than a day if it is possible, in the night this town transform in a Lantern town, so nice.

The food is espectacular, you have to try CAO LAU, nooldes than can be made just here because they are made with water from a WELL that is very special and different. They say that the water that comes from underground is from a little Island close by that has ashes of the local trees OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Off course we went there.

We will eat, we will get lost in the town, we will go to temples and more.

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  1. I hope you enjoy this video, one of our favourite towns in the world.

  2. Hello!

    Can I reupload this video on fanpage:" fb.com/amazingvietnampage " with the full source to share with more people?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you.

  3. I liked gives you feeling been in a romantic area.

  4. I love ❤️ Hoi An! One of my favorite places in the world 🌎

  5. Sir u didn’t squeeze your lemon

  6. Welcome to hội an.

  7. I’ve been back 3 days- what a magical place and fabulous country.

    The scooters tours are a bit expensive (typically 2million dong each with a guide for the food tours/cooking lesson) – You can hire a scooter for 200,000 dong after a bit of haggling (£6/$8 including a full tank of fuel). 150,000 to attend the class, so the savings are huge if you want to be adventurous and find your own way.

    It’s also great full getting lost and seeing real Vietnam’s countryside.

    Already searching for next years visit.

    Until we meet again Hoi An

  8. Welcome in viet nam! 👋🏼👋🏼🇻🇳

  9. You really captured some great shots of the locals and everyday life. Another great video!

  10. It is a beautiful town and you are making me hungry. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Great vlog, it makes me want to visit now 🙂

  12. These videos are great to watch after long days. Keep creating!

  13. Awesome place!

  14. MAGIQUE! J'adore!!!

  15. excellent video man! I'm going there soon and can't wait!

  16. Supr video

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