Follow Us as Jim shares with you his overnight first class sleeper train experience in Vietnam. He travelled started his journey from Ho Chi Minh and arrived in Danang about 16 hours later.

After doing our own “research”, we strongly believe that this should be the most detailed and comprehensive sharing of a train commute in Vietnam on YouTube. Not only will Jim show you where he began his journey (i.e. the train station and available amenities/ facilities), he also shares with you how the first , second and third class train cabins look like. Not forgetting a mention of facilities and service provided in the train – washrooms, a canteen carriage, service crew selling food and drinks using push carts, and so much more! Also, do you know that dogs are allowed on the train too? Find out for yourself how Jim found out this fun fact!

Have you ever travelled on an overnight train in Vietnam? Drop us a note in the comments section below to let us know what you think!


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  1. Do you like Vietnam?

  2. How much did it cost?

  3. Nhung Dieu ngang trai

  4. Eh

  5. Can you take this train from da nang to ho chi min ?

  6. Awesome stuff! Yay a full train ride so I know what to expect 🙂

  7. I like your review on that train. Thanks

  8. How much was your 1st class train ride?

  9. Thanks

  10. Hi mate can you tell me what company the train is and where you booked it online?

  11. Granny got stuck she must thought she lost in the market haha

  12. I'm considering taking this train from Sai Gon to Da Nang. Which train did you book? SE2 or SE4?

  13. very nice Video!

  14. What's the travel coat and timing

  15. Very nice video… How much did you pay for the ticket?? Thank you.

  16. I like

  17. To good my bro

  18. 07:30 that's a cute staff XD

  19. Thanks for posting this. It is right on time for me. I am planning on visiting Vietnam and was concerned about the railway station in Saigon. Your video makes it look easy to find the correct train.

  20. Nice. I just really can't imagine travelling by train like that. I mean, not that it's bad or anything, I'm just so used to just hoping a flight. I do want to do some train travel on some future adventures of mine.

  21. Hi Jim and Shaun. Thanks for sharing your trip experience with the Vietnam overnight sleeper train. Kakak sorry for you to sleep in that dirty cabin. Good review . If I visit Vietnam or India , I will take the fly for over night trip, rather then the train. Jim Kakak like your long hair , hehe

  22. thanks for the video Jim, poor you those beds were so narrow – no chance of any fun … I think I will stick to flying so we can relax in the lounge cabanas and have plenty of fun >.<

  23. evening Jim and Shaun, mmm interesting journey, great review but i thought 1st class be private cabin not a 6 bed cabin, i think i rather fly as overnight trip you see no country side views and i must admit i could not believe the length of your hair how much longer before its cut for the cancer charity ? btw, those pecs are getting bigger 😛

  24. 9:13 to 9:20 is so funny…..

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