Travel to Hoi An, Vietnam and visit the Ancient Town – a UNESO World Heritage Site and the most romantic town in Southeast Asia. This town is filled with lanterns! Watch more Vietnam vlogs:
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Hoi An is a town in central Vietnam known for its lanterns, tailoring, and delicious Vietnamese food! One area is called the Hoi An Ancient Town or Old Town and it’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site. An extremely well-preserved Southeast Asian trading port from the 15-19th century.

Some things to do in Hoi An include walking through Ancient Town, trying fresh Hoi An street food, taking a boat ride on the river, and there’s even the An Bang Beach you can go to.

Stay tuned for the next few Vietnam travel vlogs on…Hoi An foods!

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  1. Lol I happened to upload a Hoi An video at the same spot in the video as you hahaha

  2. This is Vietnamese culture, not China. Vietnamese people don't like when someone says their culture is Chinese😠😠😠😠😠! Korea, Japan, Vietnam are all influenced by Chinese Culture but Vietnam is more affected because in the past China has repeatedly invaded Vietnam and was defeated by Vietnam. Vietnamese are East Asians and migrated to Southeast Asia.

  3. Vietnamese culture and people are similar to other East Asian countries. China has robbed most of the territory and assimilated most of the "ancient Bach Viet" tribes. The only tribe that conquered China for thousands of years was Lac Viet (Vietnam), người Viet Nam migrated and expanded its territory southward. So even though Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, they are East Asians like Singapore. Vietnamese culture has not been widely promoted because the economy has been devastated by the war for thousands of years. Vietnam's entertainment industry is not invested as strongly as China, Japan, and Korea, so the world does not know Vietnam.

  4. Five certain reasons you must come to Vietnam

  5. that guy is asian, maybe Vietnamese, and he doesn't know how to roll?

  6. Du lịch Đà Nẵng – Bà Nà – Hội An – Núi Thần Tài – Xem Show Ký Ức Hội An bay Vietnam Airlines

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    3 ngày 2 đêm

    • Khởi hành:

    04/01, 08/02, 22/02, 07/03, 21/03/2020

    • Vận Chuyển:

    Xe du lịch, Máy bay

    • Xuất phát:

    Từ Hồ Chí Minh

  7. the girl is cute but she's always in front so we can't see hoi an, it's a moving selfie.

  8. Wow love your shows .. amazing ❤️🥘💯
    can I spare 1 second of your life ❤️
    My pleasure 😇 ask you visit my new chanel please give me some advice. Thankyou ❤️

  9. SVP choisissez les endroits ou vous parlez…. il y a tellement de bruit qu'on ne vous entend pas!

  10. Thank you for great vidoe, wanna go hoi an ~~

  11. Spent last 3 winters in Hoi An to escape the Canadian weather. Absolutely gorgeous and incredibly inexpensive. Only about 1/2 hour cab ride from DaNang. Beautiful beaches a short bicycle ride away. The locals are so welcoming…. anyone that has been to Hoi An will defiantly say it is their favourite place in Vietnam…

  12. You are so funny

  13. Just now I am watch 122 comment , what about this ….ah 194 oh

  14. We just moved to Hoi An, loving it so far after three weeks. you can check out our experiences on our channel TheTravelingDukes

  15. Happy places Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam beautiful healthy people they are doing very well money wise.

  16. Fun I had a date , apparantly 😅

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  18. Hi TJ, if your goal is to inspire people,then congratulations you inspire me hahaha still watching your old videos and it's amazing hopefully we can travel together someday ate 🙂 (ate means big sister in Filipino)

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  21. New sub. love your internet humor. Thanks for the feed yo!

  22. 2:40 "Me, myself, and I" are three different personalities. jk :O)

  23. Which app did you use to film and edit this video?

  24. 10$

  25. at 4:00 , the old guy at the store said: go away

  26. Give us your serious side please

  27. Beautiful Vietnam. Beautiful camera work and editing. Beautiful smile!!!!

  28. I enjoy your video , thanks for sharing your experience in Hoi an

  29. Beautiful scenes. Ilove it

  30. New sub here. It's fun to watch your presentation. I'll keep on watching for sure.

  31. Love your energy!

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  33. I think you're sweet and adorable if I was 50 years younger I would be knocking on your door.

  34. Very nice video on Hoi an. I am planning a trip to Hoi an this summer

  35. Beautiful city, unfortunately we visited it during a storm: no electricity, barely some lights during the night 🙁

  36. Hoi An is my favorite vacation spot. I go every year. I can't wait till April going there. Thanks a lot for beautiful video.

  37. Great video ! 🙂

  38. New favourite channel

  39. I really like this video! On my way to Hoi An and this was a really good pre-show 🙂

  40. Great video! I was on the fence about coming here, but I think I need to put this on my list of places to visit before I move away from Vietnam.

  41. Heading of for 6 months travelling in December vietnam is my first stop I've loved watching your videos they set me of thinking about travelling again so I've quit my job and heading off to see some more of the world.

  42. Nice place,the beaches nearby are great too!

  43. Your video made me so interested with Hoi An now. Thank you for sharing with us ❤️

  44. I really love how you give the history and culture yet you make your Vlogs enjoyable to watch !! 👌💖

  45. your travel stories brighten my face, i feel like i am traveling too,

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  50. Awesome video TJ!! You've inspired me to vlog my experiences while I'm there. I travel to Hoi An in a couple of weeks for my birthday and I can't wait. Thanks for sharing.

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