How to Fix Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Issue & Fix Issues With Any Realtek Sound Card 2020

How to Fix Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Issue & Fix Issues With Any Realtek Sound Card 2020

How to fix issues like crackling sound, no sound, microphone not working, and other sound problems with Realtek High Definition Audio Driver in Windows 10, 8 or 7. Will help you solve issues with Realtek sound cards in general n 2020.

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  1. If you need to recover lost files you can try Wondershare's audio recovery software here: (sponsored)

  2. thanks dude!!!!! it was on headphones with shity sound and fixed it

  3. This didn't work for me. After I updated to high definition audio the sound wouldn't even work entirely after I restarted it not once but twice. However, I decided to update the driver to version of RealTek instead of version 6.0.8799.1 and it fixed all of my audio problems. Honestly, Microsoft pisses me off now in days. After I was quite literally forced to update because apparently "this version will no longer be supported" only for my audio to becone the quality of a phone speaker (even with headphones) and without headphones you can barely hear anything at 100 audio. Fuck Microsoft, after they shoved OneDrive down my throat and forced me to uninstall that they then force me to update my computer only to make my audio intolerably bad. Thanks to your video though I now know that I can revert to the past if I want, thank you so much for helping me find a solution!

  4. If you go to, add and remove programs ,you can uninstall the Realteck audio drivers and windows won't reinstall it. Once you uninstall it all you need to do is restart your computer and it will use the windows default HD drivers.

  5. Thank you so much…this video actually help me

  6. thankyou so much….i was facing sound problem for a month….and finally got fixed by your video. thankyou sir…..

  7. come to video to fix audio crackling and drop outs – video doesn't have subtitles – still left hearing NOTHING

  8. bro im using usb headset and sound quality is very poor. how can i fix it.

  9. I swear this saved me .icoudnot play fortnite Becuz of my Mic it wasnot working at all then I saw this on my recommended so ….. yeah .. earned a new Sub and a like too😊

  10. I have a problem were when someone talks there is a static noise behind it I think its because my sound card broke

  11. Mine just won’t install period. Will this work if I can’t install Realtek?

  12. I only get "Realtek high definition audio, not "high definition Audio device ".
    My problem is Headphone not show in Playback Device. I have win 10 home very latest version.

  13. "Unfortunately the realtek drivers haven't worked very well for…..– well they never work very well sadly" – GModism 2020 😂😂 Love that; Liked and Subbed.

  14. I have downloaded the driver and restarted my pc after and still the realted hd audio isnt showing up

  15. I already did everything like you said in your video. but why the ringtone for call became slow. and audio from recorded video also became slow? how to solve it?

  16. After an update on my little Lenovo, the sound became VERY tinny and all the bass disappeared. THANK YOU so much for this video, it sounds beautiful again!! Have a great day!

  17. Anyone help me i have other problem

  18. I need help with this :/

  19. One more fix for everyone who's still having issues. After watching the video my realtek (r) audio driver still was not out putting sound and i read somewhere that the new windows 10 update installs an outdated version of the audiotek driver, at least in my situation that is. After downloading the driver is still wasn't working because i found that upon uninstalling the driver with the driver installation wizard and then restarting my computer, Windows would immediately reinstall the driver causing a cycle of uninstalling, restarting and then reinstalling automatically. You have to disable sound driver auto updates in your registry in order to basically allow the driver to install properly. This worked for my pc i hope someone else can use this for guidance. Sorry for the long paragraph.

  20. Omg thank you I was literally about to break my computer I could not figure this out

  21. i dont see real tek at audio, i installed it, and at the end it says driver error

  22. Thanks this worked for my laptop, Realtek wouldn't recognize my 3.5mm input device but this fixed it.🙂

  23. My volume keeps adjusting automatically which is very annoying .I tried to downgrade to "High definition Audio Device" but that option is not available on my laptop. It only pops up "Realtek High Definition Video" . I have also tried the other options recommended in but my problem is still there. Any recommendations?

  24. Ty man u saved me! I was braining out

  25. Nope. Didn't work at all, I'm still having this low volume problem. I'm sick of this Windows 10, lots of my friends kept saying "Come on the performances are better than 8.1, download windows 10", yeah I see. After the update it gave me nothing but problems: I couldn't install the video drivers because it kept opening in background GFE but I managed to solve it, and now there is this stupid thing that the audio of the music is PERFECT, literally perfect, but the videos seems like the audio is at frickin 30% when instead is at 100%…. I can say that I tried everything to solve this problem, expect to format the PC. Guess I'll have to try that, and if it doesn't work… I'll reinstall 8.1 and say a big F you to Microsoft

  26. At last found something that really helped me🙂🙂🙂🙂 Thanks bruh👍👍👍👍

  27. no this is not working for my laptop ,headphone and mini speakers are not working ,,,,

  28. ty

  29. bro i need your help . i TRIED this method and its solved code 52 of audio device. but I HAVE A DIFFERENT PROBLEM . MY PROBLEM IS my mic was running fine but one day suddenly it stopped working like i need to talk very loud so its catches my little sound i heard my voice in sound recorder and it was like equal to 0 . i fully boosted the mic and done everything i can . BUT IT DID NOT WORKED . first i was thinking that it is because of code 52 but now code 52 is solved. but i still getting the error. BRO I NEED YOUR HELP I AM TOOO FRAUSTRATED !!!! PLEASE X1000 HELP ME


  31. Thanks man…..

  32. I don't even have Real high definition audio device I only have Realtek R audio

  33. I hear annoying static noise in my headphones, will this help my problem?

  34. if i delete it will same process work

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