English cover || Yêu Xa – Hy

English cover || Yêu Xa – Hy

** Design by Chu **
Music by Vũ Cát Tường
Acoustic beat by Rhy
English lyric by Alina Truong
Verse 1:
Lonely night
Looking up at the starry sky
And my heart is still filled with you
I wonder where you’re now

Wrapping me
With the night we were hand in hand
And you said we’d never be apart
I was the love in your heart

In the sadly rainy night that day
You’re standing there in front of me
“We are not meant together.”
My tears were tumbling down

So much time has passed since then
And the scar you left still hasn’t changed
This broken heart has been waiting
For its true love to bloom again

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