Billu Gamer Full Movie I Live VFx Bollywood Movie I Vindu I Upasna  I Shriya Sharma I Rohan shah

Billu Gamer Full Movie I Live VFx Bollywood Movie I Vindu I Upasna I Shriya Sharma I Rohan shah

Astute Media Vision Presents Movie Billu Gamer Released in May 2016 Produced & Directed By Pankaj Sharma

Live Action Movie Billu Gamer is about a boy Patty, who lives with his Teenager sister and parents and is attached to his video game and its Gaming character Billu. His Beautiful and Talkative Elder Sister Lolly is protective of him and looks after him well. Patty is bullied by his seniors and peers in and outside the school. He thinks even his parents won’t listen to him. He has a Tomboyish Classmate friend Ruby, who always supports him. One day he comes home dejected, being taunted by Bullies and reprimanded by his teacher for no fault of his. Even his parents blame him and advise him to be more careful and respectful at the school, He and his sister tries to reason but in vain. Dejected, he latches his room and prays to God, admiring Gaming character Billu and falls asleep. In the night chased Gaming character Billu’s Flying scooter crashes and He comes to Patty’s room through Gaming screen. After some actions and reactions, both become Friends in the morning. Billu even teaches Patty and his sister’s tormentors a lesson, which makes Patty Confident and brings back smile to his face. Patty tells Lolly and Ruby also about the Gaming origin of Billu. On their request, Billu takes them to circus tour in the Gaming world. But while coming back to the real world Lolly makes a mistake and Characters from Circus enters the Real world. Patty’s Dad is kidnapped in Circus world by the actual kingpin of Circus, The Bada Joker, who tries to enslave the city under his illusion by Hypnotizing two high school Bullies, who were chased by a tiger while on a bike to take revenge from Billu. Tigers and elephants create havoc in city and home. Billu and Patty both go to the Gaming world and from there they re-enter the real world by breaking the universal layer of separation between Gaming and the real world and break the Bada Joker’s Illusion. Everything from circus Goes back and vice – versa. It is vfx Hindi movie quite popular in Bollywood. You’ll see Hindi movie vfx making and vfx breakdown of Hindi movies.

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Shriya Sharma has also worked in Telugu Movie Nirmala Convent with Roshan Son of Famous South Super Star Nagarjuna and gayakudu Telugu movie.


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