2013 Ford Focus SE Hatch Review, Walkaround, Start Up, Test Drive

2013 Ford Focus SE Hatch Review, Walkaround, Start Up, Test Drive

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*Specification Update* The SE is available with MFT, Sony Audio System, NAV, and dual zone auto climate control, it’s a $1495 single option that includes all four. The trim levels we specified only applies to the hatchback, the sedan is still available as the entry level S model. We are unsure as to whether the 2012 SEL’s 4 auto up/down windows and soft touch door panels are included in that $1495 option. A Focus Electric is also new for 2013.

“The well-rounded, well-built 2013 Ford Focus stands as one of the top choices in an increasingly competitive segment.”

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  1. No thanks. No station wagons for me.

  2. Nice Review Of 2013 Ford Focus SE. Hatch. 😀

  3. 7:34 A little slow to shift?? That car has a shifting problem! Not normal to peg out at close to 5K RPM when accelerating and gain little to no speed. Wasn't even on a steep grade hill tos say it had something to do with it. NOT NORMAL. lol! I don't care what type of transmission it has. If I step on the accelerator I expect speed increase . Here is a link on the issues with these Ford Focus cars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnJ03nHvoFg

  4. What’s that deal with people saying that the DCT is a bad transmission? I’ve not had any of the problems I’ve been hearing about and my car was one of the first ones built. I love my eight year old 210k miles Focus SEL. Really the only problems I’ve had is the infotainment system and the recently recalled EVAP system that might stall the car if it’s low on gas.

  5. The Corolla is better den that shit transmission

  6. Psh! Step on it

  7. Hello does anyone know why the screen in the center of focus 2013 stops working?

  8. I had a 2012 Ford Focus titanium it had around 200,000 miles when I traded it I loved that car I regret selling it

  9. My mum has a 2015 fusion se luxury package wich has my ford touch and heated and cooled leather seats along with all leather so it’s basically a platinum but with a 10k less price tag

  10. the climate controls look so cheap

  11. Love this car, but the DCT is a nightmare. It's beautiful when fixed but after a year it becomes a hazard.

  12. In 5-10 years form now, will this car be a good used car?

  13. Do not buy any Focus or Festiva. Just do not

  14. Sounds like shit … rattling

  15. Corolla vs this

  16. I've had my 2014 SE up to 80,000 miles now, no transmission problems, worked on it a bit adding my own stuff, honestly the car is amazing and reliable don't know about all of you.

  17. I sell my focus due to transmission problem. I bought honda accord. Never gonna buy Ford cars !! Total garbage

  18. How is this an SE? I just got the 2013 Focus SE hatch 5 speed and it has cloth seat and no sunroof

  19. I have the SEL with the touch infotainment screen. If you see one with a manual go for it. Automatic is really not worth it….

  20. Crap, auto transmission class action the world over, Ford Folds and settles because they would take it in the shorts
    with 100,000's of Lemon Law lawsuits

  21. I think fuel filler port should be at driver side like Fiesta does!

  22. but the only thing de se don't park itself like the rest

  23. I have a 2013 focus and it has the digital ac unit not the manual knobs like this one. Are you sure you're test driving a 2013???

  24. his lithsp is so distracting

  25. 71 Miles i buy this car for 4400$, with tax and registration, all 4400$

  26. Looking at purchasing a used car in about a year or so, looking at the Mazda 6 and the Focus, 2012/13 models; My question is, with the automatic issues the Focus has, is it a consistent problem or hit or miss? Reviews otherwise seem pretty positive aside from that…

  27. does anyone know if the manual transmission has problems

  28. Would this car be comfortable for a 6'3 ft Tall person?

  29. I got my 2014 focus in July of 2015 with 6,558 miles and by the time I had put 15,000 miles I had to take it in for horrible shuddering problems when driving at low speeds. It ended up needing a new clutch which was on back order for 8-10 weeks nationwide. However ever since getting it fixed it drives like a new car and Ford has extended the warranty on the transmissions since there have been so many issues. I would also keep in mind the car actually has a cvt transmission which causes some of the issues you hear about but all in all its a great car for the money which really is a ton of fun to drive

  30. Is this a good first car? I'm 15, and I'm possibly going to drive one of these when I am 16.

  31. rear disc brakes [ Customers "surprisingly' care about?? Hmm…. I'll never have a car with drum brakes EVER again!! This is because drum brakes don't stay adjusted and when they're out of adjustment, the front brakes get hotter and the rotors warp. Additionally, disc brakes stop better compared to drums. Drum brakes shouldn't even be offered on cars anymore.

  32. Very reliable and well balanced car. For its price, you can't get better.

  33. This is the best fucking car money can buy according to Edmunds. I have one of these beasts, fully loaded (not Titanium) and at 160 bhp it is a fucking driving Machine! – with lumbar support….

  34. I'm sorry , but the SEL is still available , because the car that I'm buying is an SEL and its the 2013 model

  35. Have a 2000 Focus when they first came out. She has 90,689 miles. Not even broke in yet and can peel rubber if you know how. Looks brand new. Metallic Fort Knox Gold.

  36. My parents are thinking about getting me a 2014 focus hatch as a graduation gift. I really like the hatch version.

  37. I used to own one just like this but it was blue

  38. do a videos off a 2015 ford focus se

  39. I would never buy another one.  I have the 2014 SE.  I am trying desperately to trade it in, but I owe to much on the loan.     The car has had one transmission problem after the other.   That means time in and out of the dealer, and my life.  Now the car has some other problem with some part called a Blend door actuator.  I cannot recommend the Focus, after 2010.  Which is a shame it use to be a good car, for the most part in previous years.

  40. Most helpful thank you. I want the ST ..but it isn't in my budget. I am a little intimidated by all the tech as far as ease of use while driving. It seems complicated. But Maybe an SE with the 201A upgrade is what I need!

  41. I'm sure someone has mentioned this, the seat do indeed fold flat in the back, you have to lift./flip the bottom part of the seat out of the way, then drop the back. BTW the truck is HUGE when you do this. I carried a go cart in the back of mine.

  42. Looking at these , also considering, cmax , and Mini Cooper clubman, any advice would be appreciated 😎

  43. If you say sel one more time lol

  44. I just bought this car (2014 Focus SE Hatchback). After previously owning a Dodge Avenger I say nothing could be worse than that crap! I bought the Automatic as thats all they had left (It was 3 months ago when purchased new). So far Ive put on 4 thousand miles (only having 6 miles rolling off the lot) and the car is great I average between 31 and 33 mixed mpg driving. This was the main reason I bought it to save gas and refills are so cheap! The transmission is a little clunky and takes some getting used to but its not perfect. I didn't buy this car thinking it would be perfect like so many others have and complain about the transmission. And since it technically was on clearance i saved 5 thousand dollars (paying 15 thousand) as they were making room for '15 models. I wish mine was a manual as i know id toss it around like a go cart but the automatic is just as fun as it handles so great. This car puts a smile on my face every time I drive it and hopefully i will keep it for as long as it runs!

  45. Can you please do a review for the 2015 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback I'm really interested in ford titanium.

  46. Never buy an automatic ford. Only manual. A lot of problems with the automatic.

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